Testimonies from our learners

I was inactive in the past; I tend to idle around and getting by from day to day. After I joined YAH!'s Happy 50 programme, I realised my brain starts to get active. My pen starts to move and my mind starts to be creative again!

At YAH!, I met a new group of friends who not only share their knowledge with me but also listen attentively to me. Now when I share, somebody will listen, when others share, I will listen, too! It is very important to have such friends who will share your load by listening to your woes.

YAH! has created the opportunity for us to improve our communications and to get out of loneliness. I am busy with YAH! activities and find great significance in my participation! Coming to YAH!, has allowed me to gain confidence and encouragement from my friends and that is very valuable to me.

I learnt about YAH! by chance through a friend from my singing class. I signed up for the course because I was curious and I wanted to learn. After graduation, I signed up as a Community Health Ambassador. At first, I was driven by the interest to gain knowledge for myself. But the programme gave me the opportunity to engage and interact with stay alone and vulnerable seniors. The programme has sparked my passion for serving and helping those in need. Now, I pay regular home visit to the other seniors and check on their well-being and conduct various outreach activities to benefit seniors in different communities.

I always felt a sense of regret about my Primary School education, so when a friend told me about a community college for seniors I was very excited and jumped at the chance. The course taught me about self-confidence and seeing my own potential. The learning environment encouraged us to pursue our passion, interest, as well as built our confidence. Immediately after the course, I signed up for the Computer Class. The teacher was encouraged by my enthusiasm in class and invited me to be a facilitator for the new batch of learners. I also took up additional training to be an effective facilitator and now, I guide new students to pursue their own passion and growth.

I was a passive father. At home, I used to wait for my children to talk to me. However, in our family issues discussion during our Happy 50 programme, I realised that I have to actively manage my family relationships. Since then, I started to initiate conversations with my children, sharing things on what I had learnt. My relationship with my family has improved tremendously and I feel closer to my family.

Social Learning

YAH! strongly believes in providing access to life-long learning; especially for seniors as it enables them to stay relevant, young, increase their self-confidence and pick up a new interest.

We advocate lifelong learning at YAH! as it can instil creativity, enhance adaptability and responsiveness in seniors to handle uncertainty, improved communications with their families and communities as well as manage conflicts.

Social Action

We encourage and support our learners to use what they have learnt and put it into action. This promotes self-efficacy as it helps them to build -up their confidence and allows the learners to pursue meaningful work and activities.

Through YAH!’s “can-do” spirit, mutual support from their peers, YAH! learners have been creating the multiplier’s effect, bringing happiness to the community.

Social Movement

YAH! believes that when society adopts a creative and proactive approach, we will have the greatest chance of realising the benefits and potential of our ageing population.

Every year, YAH! conduct social campaigns with the aim to change the way we think about ageing and to encourage the society to recognise the uniqueness and dignity of every older person. Since 2013, our campaigns have reached over 3,000 members of the public.