2018 The Goodlife! Workout

In 2018, Montfort Care launched the GoodLife! workout with the goal of fostering stronger social bonds among seniors through a community workout. Specially tailored to be accessible for anyone, the GoodLife! workout is a low-impact workout that aims to provide a platform for seniors and members of the community to get moving together while forging new friendships and bonds.

To bring this workout into the community, we trained a group of YAH! seniors to become the Workout Ambassadors, who would lead the workout at different communities at all parts of Singapore. These Workout Ambassadors were also involved in the filming of the workout video, which can be found readily on YouTube for anyone to watch and learn the workout at the comfort of their homes. Till date, we have trained over 60 YAH! seniors as Workout Ambassadors and deployed them to lead workouts at 7 different locations in Singapore. We have also worked with various partners like Youth Corps Singapore, Community Chest and THK Senior Activity Centres and impacted over 5000 seniors and youths.

For more information, please visit: www.thegoodlifeworkout.sg