2020 Project E-Seniors

When were hit hard by the pandemic in 2020, we saw a major shift in the digital landscape where all physical activities were halted and converted to virtual programmes. This had further widened the digital divide among senior citizens who are usually less equipped with digital technology skills, limiting their access to an abundance of social activities online during the Circuit Breaker. With the goal of helping senior citizens to stay connected and active online, Montfort Care started Project E-Seniors to impart fundamental knowledge on the usage of common social interactive platforms to seniors.
The digital training pace was customised for each senior, depending on their level of digital readiness. The digital journey that the seniors will be embarking on does not have an end state, and mastering the digital platforms is only the beginning of a lifelong learning expedition. The virtual senior-centric activities pioneered by Montfort Care will help the seniors stay engaged digitally.

As an advocate for lifelong learning, YAH! has reached out to our alumni(over 2500) and conducted face to face digital trainings on the usage of WhatsApp, Facebook, QR Code & YouTube for keen seniors. To empower our senior volunteers and provide them a chance to give back to the community during this period, we have trained over 30 senior Digital Ambassadors who conducted trainings for other senior alumni.

Mdm Tan Chwee Hong, 63 years old, has been an active volunteer with YAH! before the pandemic. Upon acquiring the digital knowledge, she arranged sessions with her friends to share the knowledge. She shared, “I want to share with them the digital knowledge to help them stay connected with their friends and families.”

For more information, please visit: montfortcare.org.sg/project-e-seniors/