Problem Gambling Ambassadors’ Programme

In partnership with the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) since 2009, YAH! has been driving the problem gambling prevention message through public education events and community outreach activities to members of the public.

Using their creativity and energy, YAH! seniors from the Problem Gambling Ambassadors’ Programme(PGPA) spread the awareness of problem gambling through specially designed games, seminars and skit performance that aims to educate the public on identifying the boundaries between leisure gambling and habitual gambling, prevention against it and the dangers of problem gambling. Our ambassadors also provide help resources to members of public who are seeking for assistance and referrals.

In 2019, PGPA celebrated its 10th anniversary.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, all public outreach activities were stopped in consideration of the ambassadors’ health and safety. In order to continue the important task of raising public awareness on problem gambling, the PGPA programme started an entirely different method of outreach.

Live shows focusing on different topics related to problem gambling were conducted on Facebook monthly, and these shows were in the format of a light-hearted and interesting talk show. Despite technology being relatively new to the ambassadors, they took up the challenge and learnt how to use technology in order to be able to continue their meaningful work online.

Besides conducting outreach via Facebook live, the ambassadors also worked with Jalyn Han, creative director of InARTS as well as an actress, to produce a short skit on problem gambling via Zoom. Under Jalyn’s patient guidance, the ambassadors wrote their own script and presented an interesting skit to let viewers understand more about problem gambling in a creative and fun way.

Following the success of the Facebook live shows in 2020, the PGPA programme rebranded the show to include singing and performing in 2021 to attract more audience. This series of shows is titled 《午后旋律:轻谈赌博课题》, where viewers can listen to live music while learning more about problem gambling at the same time.