<big>Ya Zhu, 72 years old</big><br><br><small><small>Batch 1 Knowing Yourself, Living Graciously Graduate</small></small>

Ya Zhu, 72 years old

Batch 1 Knowing Yourself, Living Graciously Graduate

Continuous Learning during the Pandemic and Acquired New Skills

72-year-old Ya Zhu enrolled in this course for the purpose of being able to continue learning at home. Originally, she merely wanted to listen to classes online. When she learned that there was a group project, she actively participated in the discussion and put forward suggestions to the group. During the process, miscommunication and misunderstandings were inevitable, especially when it was via on the online platform Zoom. To overcome these, Ya Zhu learned to accept the opinions of other team members, and applied them to areas she was weaker in. Despite having difficulties folding stars, Ya Zhu managed to fold 50 paper stars eventually! Ya Zhu thought that the class would merely be a lecture little did she expect that she could learn how to work in a team and also learn a new craft instead.