<big>Li Fang, 68 years old</big><br><br><small><small>Batch 2 The Ultimate Exploration of Life Graduate</small></small>

Li Fang, 68 years old

Batch 2 The Ultimate Exploration of Life Graduate

She’s the Sunflower to her Friends but Montfort Care is her Sun

In 2018, Lifang lost her husband and mother at the same time and she desperately needed some courses to pass time and heal the pain of bereavement. She chanced upon The Ultimate Exploration of Life course and decided to give it a shot out of curiosity. As a life planner, this is Lifang’s first experience of attending classes with peers her age. Seeing how her classmates gave each other support and encouragement, she gradually opened up and shared her feelings of grief and bereavement. Whenever her groupmates experienced emotional fluctuations during deep discussions, Lifang would also provide words of encouragement and support to them. The learning kept Lifang occupied and expanded her social circle, slowly taking away her anguish and steering her direction of life to a positive and exciting one.