<big>Mei Yu, 72 years old</big><br><br><small><small>Batch 2 The Ultimate Exploration of Life Graduate</small></small>

Mei Yu, 72 years old

Batch 2 The Ultimate Exploration of Life Graduate

Who Knew Talking about “Death” Could be So Fun?

When Meiyu’s husband passed away more than 30 years ago, her youngest child was only five years old. Mei Yu had to juggle between bringing food to the table and raising her 3 children. She thought she had been through it all and little did she expect there’s more than meets the eye for the topic of “death”. Topics like having children, grandchildren and marriage are often talked about and she wondered why no one talks about “death”. With a deeper understanding of “death”, Mei Yu discovered that it is not that horrifying afterall. Mei Yu shared, “I think I have benefited a lot from this. I thought I already knew a lot. After the class, it really opened my eyes. I will encourage everyone to join this course.”