<big>Yu Chang, 58 years old</big><br><br><small><small>Batch 1 Knowing Yourself, Living Graciously Graduate</small></small>

Yu Chang, 58 years old

Batch 1 Knowing Yourself, Living Graciously Graduate

Striking a Balance Between Work and Self to Make the Impossible Possible

Yu Chang has always been occupied with work and as she gradually transitions to retirement, she decided to take some time off to attend some courses for self-improvement. Because of the epidemic, Yu Chang works from home, which granted her some flexibility to attend online classes. For Yu Chang’s group project, the group’s goal was to learn the Ukulele and this required multiple rehearsals. Yu Chang never missed a rehearsal, eventually put together a Ukulele performance video with her group mates. She was committed in her learning and even provided her group mates lots of encouragement. She was so happy to pick up a new musical instrument and it was a great kickstart to her retirement life.